23 October 2012

What the Heck? My Latest Blog--Again

My last blog seems to have gone ... astray.

Not really. I posted last week. Unfortunately, I've been hearing from my subscribers who receive my blog via email that they didn't receive it. And d'oh, I didn't get mine in my email box either. What seems to be the problem? The Feedburner tool OR me. Maybe my blog was too large to send. I am a big girl. I do have a lot of content.

Feedburner won't let me send the same blog post twice, so for a quick fix while I spend time trying to fix the dang thing, here's a link to my last blog post when I introduced Cheryl Strayed, our NW powerhouse and NYTimes bestseller of Wild, at her event in Eugene, Oregon. The intro is me as cheerleader and writer's advocate. It was a fabulous night.

Click here for the LINK to my post.

More later! And let me know, dear subscribers, if Feedburner delivered. If not, a change is coming!